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NEW Develop Your Personal Practice Yoga Course

The course will be led as an asana class with added elements of offering you knowledge so you can build you own personal practice out of the studio. We will practice hatha and vinyasa flow yoga in class with some partner yoga stretches. The course will move through different elements of creating an appropriate home practice sequence for yourself at home as we break down the elements of what makes a good sequence - looking at counterposes, balancing strength with flexibility, yoga philosophy with  asana practice, and you will take home a  personalised sequence at the end of it, that you can use this coming year to  develop your own home practice.  Each week will develop elements of a sequence to suit this specific group, in an intimate small group setting so you receive personal support in your development. 

Elements will include dynamic flows to detoxify the body, and core conditioning sequences to build strength, as well as flexibility elements including key areas such as spine, hips, hamstrings and shoulders. As well as key principles of the other seven limbs of yoga practice.  That make the practice complete, that are so often overlooked in group asana classes and help with mental clarity - such as single point concentration into meditation, the self control and social awareness of the yamas and niyamas, breath control techniques of pranayama.  

This class is suitable for yoga lovers of all levels with supportive coaching throughout while challenging you to be playful in reaching beyond your comfort zone. Part of each class will adopt a workshop style while we play with inversions and balances working step by step to build confidence, technique and a gentleness in overcoming fears. In this class we tap into the part of ourselves that enjoys a challenge with a smile in your heart. My aim is to guide you in a practice that will have you glowing from the inside all the way to through the skin by the end of each session, and at the very least, releasing deeply help tension and blockages in the body. so that this course can help relieve anxiety and tension on the mat, in ways that almost inevitably positively affect yout life off the mat.  

Start date is lucky 13th January 2016 for 8 weeks
Wednesdays 10-11.30am
Studio iO
Behind Halifax on London Road

Book in 8 week blocks for £80
Or £12 drop in for a 90 minute class

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"Yesterday I did a workshop 'Developing Trust and Connection in Yoga: Partner Yoga and Acroyoga into Thai massage and Yoga Nidra' with the wonderful Cat!!! I am new to this style of yoga and felt nurtured, guided and totally safe throughout the workshop. Cat has an incredible, calming and caring energy and guides people beautifully through the different styles taught throughout the workshop!!! Absolutely loved it!!! Can't wait for the next one." 

Annelies Omari 

"Thanks Cat for a great yoga session yesterday. It was a perfect calm space and your class was just what I needed, fun, focussing, relaxing and challenging. I can't wait to do more xx"

Alexi Parkin

both posted to the Nine Lives Yoga FB page

"I noticed when I wasn’t sinking into the practice - and you give personalised direction which I love.  When you give verbal encouragement and it speaks into my inner voice - I am becoming more aware of when I am tensing myself in my daily life. My shoulders have dropped about an inch!  More than i could relax before." 

Jenny Hume, Webtechwonderwoman