About Us

Acroyoga and Partner Yoga:

Acroyoga is an inspiring, challenging and fun practice that combines the principles of yoga with partner acrobatics and the healing arts of thai massage. Partner yoga provides deep release from tension in the body and mind and is a deeply grounding and connecting practice to share with loved ones or bodywork partners or for teachers and practitioners that want to add another element to your practice that brings people together. 

Perhaps you are a keen acroyogi who wants to put a sequence together, work on perfecting specific skills, or feel inspired to share this with a partner and invest some time in it together.  

Cat Duval is an experienced Acroyoga teacher, partner yoga, kids and family yoga teacher who specialises in leading collaborative yoga experiences to enable clients to live a life of freedom over fear.

Acroyoga and partner yoga have an amazing capacity for transformation and building connection as well as being super fun, challenging and skillful. 

So book some personal tuition time with Cat Duval.  She will design your sessions to suit what you want to gain together.

So treat you and your partner to some time on the mat. Ground down, fly, be free, enjoy yourself.

Sessions can be upbeat and acrobatic or relaxed and therapeutic according to your preference.  Please specify the nuance of what you want from the session when you make your booking. 

Why do AcroYoga and Partner Yoga?

Want to spend some quality time together doing something different?  Partner yoga helps you connect with your partner and deepen your flow together using the body as well as getting some great stretches and improving your fitness levels together.  It's all about play and having fun as well as getting deeper into the stretch with the support of the other person. Great for less bendy types as well as you uber yogi's who want to add another dimension to your practice.

Collaborative yoga practice can be a great way for partners, friends, and families to connect and get playful together.  All too often we get caught up in our busy lives and forget to spend some quality time with those we love most.  

The best results are seen when you practice together over a period of time, learn about each others bodies and the way you move together, and it is always fun and relaxing to do. 

Partner yoga can be a deeply rewarding way of spending time together and a hilarious way to hang out doing something you will remember forever.  

Cat will tailor a programme to suit you, so it doesn’t matter how flexi you are, even if your partner isn't, if they have never done yoga before – there will be stuff you can do together, to support eachother and have fun with it.


"For her birthday I bought my girlfriend a series of private partner yoga classes with Cat, for the two of us to do together. We'd been looking for classes for a long time and trying to find the right teacher with the right style for us, Cat was perfect. As well as being a great teacher and extremely capable practitioner who instils trust straight away, Cat is also down-to-earth, unpretentious and fun - which can be hard to find in a yoga teacher! In the classes Cat draws on hatha, vinyassa, acro and partner yoga work and from her broad expertise is able to create the programme that works for you. I'm convinced every çouple should do partner yoga! Apart from being the best way to stretch and release tension in yourself and each other - it's an amazing way of connecting as a couple. Forget couple's therapy and all that talking - just do partner yoga with Cat and get physical!"

Seth Reynolds, Global Alumni Trainer, Fight for Peace