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The Yoga Rave Experience

Where music and yoga unite. Yoga lovers experience the rhythm of the bass and bass lovers experience the rhythm of the breath. Dance music build behind a humandala flow practice into vinyasa until we are all cut lose on the dancefloor for a proper rave up and led into a deep meditation to close.

Conscious partying:  Nine Lives Yoga Rave teams up with the Brighton Yoga Festival Rave your way into health on 7 Feb 2015!  Imagine a guilt-free party that combines a proper rave up with banging tunes and yoga to get you stretched out and in the zone for a healthy start to 2015. Nine Lives Yoga are thrilled to bring you the Yoga Rave on Saturday 7 February at All Saints Church, Hove, in partnership with Brighton Yoga Festival. 

Hosted by Brighton-based Nine Lives Yoga, the Yoga Rave concept combines dance music and yoga with visual effects and UV paint. Yoga lovers experience the rhythm of the bass and bass lovers experience the rhythm of the breath. Dance music builds behind a humandala and vinyasa flow practice, until everyone gets to cut lose on the dance floor for a proper rave up! The evening closes with a visual projection mapping show and a deep meditation.  

The Nine Lives Yoga Rave doors open at 7pm-10.30pm Saturday 7th Feb at the All Saints Church in Hove.  Bring your mat and arrive on time at 7pm - just like a yoga class...Tickets are selling fast grab your early bird ticket now via http://www.ticketline.co.UK/yoga-rave#bio



  • DJ Sephira (BMSS Records)
  • DJ Mike Nixon (Egg, The Generate Project)
  • Ama Zee (Morning Gloryville Brighton, Hoxton FM)
  • AV from Pryce from Limbic Cinema Collective - the visual projection crew of the Nordic Giants
  • Performers from Blind Pig and Live Love Hoop
  • Massage from Magnus the Masseur
  • MAU Motionsns
  • Holistic Heath Massage 
  • Gorgeous fresh smoothies from The Cosmic Caravan
  • Raw Chocolate from the wonderful Lucy De Angeles 
  • Cat Duval from Nine Lives Yoga leading the flow..

Feelings of Enlightenment / aka

Gather your friends...
Bring your favourite mat with you...
& Dress for the future of rave...


And if you want to know what it's like - WATCH THIS! (also on the homepage)


Visual Projection by Pryce from Limbic Cinema Collective the makers of the visuals for Nordic Giants, Just Jack, See No Evil, and the WOW state at Glastonbury! Limbic Cinema Collective are a Visual arts collective based in Bristol specialising in video mapping, stage designs, interactive installations & VJ performances. 



Confirmed: Sephira Live + Dj Set (BMSS Records)

International DJ and producer Sephira's tool of choice is the 4 / 4 beat of the psybient realm. His debut album showcases Sephira's unique fusion of downtempo ambient spaces utilising twilight overtones and driving, rolling baselines that takes you on a journey through psychedelic soundscapes of a playful nature.
Check out his chilled tracks on soundcloud: https://t.co/DltFK1JjIm
Sephira will be guiding us on our yoga journey using sound to tap into deep states of being during our practice...


Confirmed: DJ Mike Nixon resident at Egg with The Generate Project

Renowned DJ and an accomplished radio producer for the Generate Project and Pulse Content Music playing textured conscious beats blended with his legendary house and signature style.  Check out a taster of his flavour - Captivating Content and his new baby Evolve

Mike will be keeping us dancing as we are cut lose on the dancefloor for the rave!

**Party Energiser**

Ama Zee will also be flexing her vocal chords to accompany Mike Nixon singing on the mic as you dance. You may remember her gorgeous tones from Morning Gloryville Brightonat our parties last summer. Check her out here:


Live Love Hoop and Blind Pig are lined up to entertain you and take your brain to another dimention...



The magnificent Magnus the Masseur will be offering his special touch of magic to fan you as you dance, and massage you in his african rhythms style to help you let go and relax into the night. Check him out here:

Healing Yoga Massage will be there to sooth your aching muscles should you need it

Arrive ten mins early, defo by 7pm, in UV gear, and BRING A MAT!

Once you are in, you are in - so please arrive early just like a class - no stragglers after the games begin as it will interrupt everyone else's journey man ;)

Conscious partying is already building momentum. The pre-work sunrise Morning Gloryville Brighton rave went from strength to strength last year, attracting big DJ names such as Rob Da Bank and Andy Barlow from Lamb, but the Nine Lives Yoga Rave signals the start of healthier nights out to come.  

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or an old school raver, all are warmly welcome to come along on 7 February and experiment with conscious partying the booze free, drug free Yoga Rave bliss .  

Cat Duval, founder of Nine Lives Yoga and director of the Yoga Rave reflect on the origins of this new conscious party scene: 

“I spent the best part of my twenties in clubs loving the rave and dance music scene and I discovered yoga nearly 12 years ago. I came out of my first yoga class feeling as high on prana as I had been after a rave. This was a pure natural high and made me more connected to everyone around me and got me out of my head and into my body. It literally changed my life and I am inspired to share that vibe. With UV, audio visual effects inside a beautiful church space in February it’s about tapping into the deep meditative state of yoga practice and matching it with the elation and connectedness of a rave to come together and let loose.” 


Sports England

I got a surprise call from Sports England and their Exercise, Movement Dance initiative offering to promote the Yoga Rave!  Our event is now running in conjunction with the This Girl Can campaign they are running, getting real women into fitness, what a great way to boost women's confidence! ...NB the rave is open to men, massively!! Boys into yoga is super cool these days ...here is the result of our chats  http://www.exercisemovedance.org/events/yoga-rave

BBC Radio Sussex

Check out this interview on BBC Radio Sussex on New Year's Eve! 20 mins from the end Allison Ferms interviews me about ‪‎Yoga Rave‬ on 7th Feb 2015 on live radio 


Viva Brighton

Yoga Rave: http://www.vivabrighton.com/jan2015/10-11.pdf

and http://www.vivabrighton.com/jan2015/78-79.pd

Brighton Yoga Festival

Brighton Yoga Festival has done a lovely write up on their website 


The event will be raising funds to help Brighton Yoga Festival become a charity and stay as free one-day yoga and wellbeing festival which launched in July 2014.  

Nine Lives Yoga have been conscious-raving with Morning Gloryville Brighton throughout 2014 and have run yoga playshops at festivals such as Somersault and Wilderness. The Nine Lives Yoga Rave experience will be taking it to the next level in 2015.  


The Nine Lives Yoga Rave doors open at 7pm-10.30pm Saturday 7th Feb at the All Saints Church in Hove.  Bring your mat and arrive on time at 7pm - just like a yoga class...

Tickets are selling fast and are available via http://www.ticketline.co.UK/yoga-rave#bio

For the most up to date news - please join our Facebook event

Thanks so much to the Brighton Yoga Festival for your ongoing awesomeness and About Balance studio for offering us free rehearsal space and for all your support.