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One to One Coaching Programmes:


My coaching programmes are designed to empower you to cultivate a deep and playful connection to yourself and embody a life of freedom. Freedom to explore, dream and discover limitless possibility.  That means letting go of the stuff that gets in the way of you stepping into your full power. Applying practical tools and integrating them into your routine to affect the change you choose in your life. 

If you are ready to step into your full power - our PEACE-POWER-PURPOSE for program for entrepreneurs and creative leaders in their field. The program enables you to evolve your whole way of being, step away from distraction and refine your focus to be the leader you were born to be.



Are you ready to set a clear intention to evolve your practice regardless of physical ability or body type? Our work together is driven by your commitment to step into freedom, physically, mentally and energetically.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation where we will identify your motivations and aspirations.

Mental and emotional health are the foundation to our wellbeing alongside physical health. It is my commitment to you to offer guidance and opportunity to shift into a new way of being. It is all down to a simple decision. Are you ready to drop old limiting patterns and create a life of freedom?


Client Testimonials

"Cat's energy and vibrancy is infectious and this in brought out in her teaching too. Her love for yoga and her ability to make you laugh and smile in class makes her one of my top recommendations". 

Holly Cooper, Yoga Teacher and Studio iO Director

"The most immediate effect I realised after only a couple of sessions was how energised I felt after straight after each session.  It really feels that my whole body comes alive and is replenished somehow. Now we have been working together for over a year my whole life has transformed and yoga is a key part of it."

Darren Cook

"My partner and I have been doing yoga for several years and started partner yoga with Cat to add an additional dimension to our practice. I am significantly bigger and heavier than my partner who is more flexible than me and so we were a little apprehensive about doing partner yoga with each other. But Cat is a great teacher and the atmosphere in the classes is friendly and supportive. She knows exactly how to make adjustments to enhance postures and allow us both to simultaneously explore our strengths, weaknesses and without going beyond our limits. Cat teaches that yoga is not only about developing physical strength and flexibility but also about relaxing and enjoying yourself. The work goes deep and we feel the benefits in the days following the class. We leave each session feeling lighter, relaxed and yet at the same time as if we’ve done a serious work out. We love Cat's yoga and we would unreservedly recommend her classes to beginners and more experienced alike."

Alan and Jiva


Planning Your Session

Book your free Skype consultation to establish your personal motivations and aspirations. 


Personal one to one sessions create the space to nourish yourself, and commit to being you.

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