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Nine Lives Yoga Rave

Nine Lives Yoga Rave is where music and yoga unite

Yoga lovers experience the rhythm of the bass, and music lovers experience the rhythm of the breath...

Our NEXT EVENT is at Mind Body Spirit Festival - London 25th May 2018

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HALF PRICE TICKETS for our YOGA RAVE EXPERIENCE until the end of March!

Yoga Rave at Mind Body Spirit Festival 

Celebrate life, breath and connection - as well as some serious bass!

Unite with friends and paint eachother in UV face and body paint and come and ground with us in meditation before we explore the art of human formation in an en masse as Cat Duval leads us in a humandala yoga flow and the DJ takes us to higher states of consciousness in a journey of sound healing frequencies to clear our auric field and 100's of yoga lovers breathe in unison in a lotus of concentric circles through our yoga practice.  

Next the light workers of the Nine Lives Yoga Rave lift the vibe and build the bass into dance music and we set ourselves free on the dancefloor in a UV rave of epic proportions! Cut loose with your fanciest footwork and clock the bass faces as we all raise the vibration and experience why this conscious dance party is earning itself a Global following.  Festival vibes take off as our acroyoga performers and dance ambassadors make you feel like you're flying.  And finally we flow into partner yoga to warm down the body and open the heart into a deep meditation to close.

Dress for the future of rave...

Bring your dancing shoes...

Enter the world of the Nine Lives Yoga Rave

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Yoga Rave Humandala

This one is a life changer folks, don't miss it.  

For  pics check out our Wilderness Yoga Rave album our Summer Light Yoga Rave and check out the Facebook page for our recent visits to Finland.

Our DJ's mix deep shamanic meditative sounds and skilfully take us on a journey towards soulful dance music from tech house to funky bootlegs and even drum and bass to make you want to shake that asana! And then we wind down to lushious ambient sound healing frequencies to drop into meditation on another level.
By the time you have stretched and shaken your body into an open hearted state of blissful awareness it's easy to drop the ego and feel more you.
Ama Zee will take you lyrically from the yoga flow into a full on rave dance party with her Vital Danza rhythms to dance and heal the body and
 mind, and set free the spirit within!
And once we have reached our peak, we'll flow into luscious partner yoga stretching to warm down and drop into a deep meditation to close.
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The yoga flow is designed to be suitable for all levels, and incorporates social yoga group flows, into dynamic hatha and vinyasa flow styles, and builds up into a vital danza dance party with festival vibes, performers and lots of UV and LED so get your glows on!    

Our Yoga Ambassadors of Light welcome you and Cat Duval, founder of the Nine Lives Tribe, leads the flow. 

You will be able to enjoy yoga moves and also dancing in your zone with heaps of freedom to express yourself as you wish... let go of fear, self judgement and inhibitions, show everyone your moves and most of all have FUN!!!

Gather your friends... 



Bring your favourite mat with you...
& dress for the future of rave...

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Live, love and light up your soul

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Join us and celebrate life... 


 Cat Duval, Creator and Elator of the Yoga Rave 

Cat Duval

Our NEXT EVENT is at Mind Body Spirit Festival - London 25th May 2018

   MBS Festival Yoga Rave Tickets