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Wellbeing Festival Oslo 2018

Nine Lives Yoga presents...


23rd - 25th November 2018
Oslo, Norway

 silent disco oslo 2018


Yoga lovers experience the rhythm of the bass, and music lovers experience the rhythm of the breath...


Nine Lives Yoga Silent Disco is where music and yoga unite and you dive into a bubble of bliss ad forget the world exists...deep sound healing music builds behind a human-mandala group yoga flow practice into vinyasa flow as the bass rises until we are all cut lose on the dance floor for a conscious yoga rave dance party experience and led into a partner yoga flow to connect, warm down and ground in a deep meditation to close.

This experience can go as big as your imagination...and as intimate at the cocoon of the headphones allows us to go. This area is about freedom of expression and joyful connection as Cat Duval and her team delight in brining you the Nine Lives Yoga speciality - inspired social yoga practice that brings people together, opens their hearts and minds and sets them free!


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So whether you are in a relaxed calm mood or in the vibe to express yourself we have something for you! Our area will offer yoga rave conscious dance experiences, yoga party celebrations, self- love letter writing and meditations from mindful awareness to manifestation meditations and positive visualisations. Our yoga ambassadors of light welcome you into the realm of the rave with glitter and face paints on arrival as you sign in for your headphones. Our experienced team of teachers will be your guides as you dive deep into the beauty of social yoga practice together. 


silent disco oslo 2018 silent disco oslo 2018


You don’t need a partner you can meet people here with us and we’ll help you feel comfortable to freely let go of your inhibitions.

Our performers and yoga teachers and entertainers hold space for the groups and add energy, fire and light to make every dance flow unique. Each set gives a taster of our special yoga party celebration experiences for small groups of up to 100 to enjoy together in the headphones. Led by Cat Duval and her team on the head mic. We can offer our unique sacred mandala backdrops and UV lights with face and body painting. Nine Lives Yoga Rave is creating a new wave of rave. The Nine Lives Yoga Tribe do conscious celebrations like none else.