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A Rave...in the MORNING?!...Oh Yes! THIS is..Morning Gloryville Brighton 

Morning Gloryville Circle

Nine Lives Yoga works with a team of conscious rave creators to provide a platform for yoga teachers to do their thing and provide a new kind of party on the scene, a healthy, sparkly, breath fuelled, morning rave - ya know - instead of the gym before work in the morning. Now is the time to party. Sober as Yoda in October. Nine Lives Yoga collaborates with studio's and teachers to spread the yoga love and provide yoga of all styles to the conscious party scene from acroyoga to kundalini.

The conscious raving scene is developing all over the globe and Morning Gloryville Brighton has taken off this summer with DJ's including headliners Andy Barlow from Lamb, Hedkandy and in November they are lined up with none other than Rob Da Bank!  

The morning rave scene is taking everyone by surprise and is becoming a phenomena and Nine Lives Yoga is blessed to be part of it.  

Fancy some yoga in the morning? Yoga Workshops

Of course you do! Who doesn't? Come and enjoy FREE yoga workshops at every gig.  Cat coordinated the yoga area we've turned it into a platform for yoga teachers, studios and therapists to come and get involved in the rave, offering 20 minute taster workshop for ravers to sample all the wonderful flavours of yoga we have to offer in this fair city!  Workshops are on the hour every hour for 20 mins and every single one has been packed since we launched in June.  So if you are a teacher, get in touch, and if you are a bRaver - then come on down and lets get stretchy!

Dance Ambassadors, raw chocolate, smoothies, shakes and movers and shakers!

After your morning coffee, there is no room for chin stroking at the back, as the music kicks off at 6.30am the dancefloor is already packed full of dance ambassadors in festival style costume, headwear, feathers and adorned with the joys of full consciousness at this ridiculous hour, and

you cant stopMorning Gloryville Posse and Crew them smiling about it.  Dancers are joined by hoopers, and none other than the magnificent Magnus the Masseur sharing his african rhythms massage to the crowd for FREE! So whats that? FREE Yoga AND FREE massage! Oh yes, that's right - now you are paying attention!  Some of our gorgeous folk may event adorn you in glitter and invite you dance your slippers off! The thing is, you could get away with slippers here, in fact you can get away with anything - there is everyone from suits trying not to get glitter on their suit before the early morning meeting to full on onsey attire, fascinators, top hats and full body paint! We even have face painting!

So whatever your style, you are most welcome here. 

Once you drag yourself out of bed, you will be in for a morning that could just change your life!


Check out our Morning Gloryville Brighton Facebook page for more info about the next event!