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Into the Light Day Retreat

Really excited to be part of this wonderful one-day retreat at the tranquil Marina Studios at Brighton Marina. It's a beautifully fresh feeling space with high ceilings so we are making the most of it.

Humandala Ceremony and Partner Yoga Flow

Connect and explore your body in movement in this workshop. Starting with ceremony to invite mindful intention into the practice, group yoga flows that help us to build trust and a collaborative approach. And move into partner yoga flows to expand you body, deepen your connection to ourselves by connecting and learning to trust the other. Working in partners and in groups. No experience necessary.

High Acrobatics Workshop 

The space has high ceilings so we are making the most of them in this workshop. Come and test your resolve with two high, high bird, into possibilities in trios and more to elevate your practice to a higher level, literally! Spotting is central to this practice and you are invited to come in partners or groups. Some experience of acroyoga or acrobatics is a pre-requisite for this workshop.

Come and join us for the day for one price which includes thai anf fly wake-up therapy sessions in the morning 121.
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You can find info about all the workshops and therpaies on offer here: Into the Light - Yoga and Wellbeing Retreat