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Green Man Festival 2018

We are proud to be part of this amazing festival

16th - 19th August 2018 

Brecon Beacons, Crickhowell, Wales


green man humandala 2018 

Humandala Opening Ceremony - Thirsday, 16th August

Explore the amazing connection of group yoga flows and sacred geometric shapes with people! Humandala is a meditative practice that where each person plays a vital part in the whole and creates group formations with people in flow with the breath. Marry the flow of group movement with the mindful energy of openning the space. Cultivate the harmony of ceremony to invite smiles and a clarity of intention, a joining together and leave blissed out and happy. With Cat Duval of Nine Lives Yoga and live music from Kat Drake.

 acroyoga green man 2018

Acroyoga - Friday, 17th August

Acroyoga is an inspiring, challenging and fun practice that combines the practice of yoga with partner acrobatics and the healing arts of thai yoga massage.  Learn to base or fly and have the option to mix up the roles too! Acroyoga builds confidence in all areas of life to be more present, courageous and see the playful side of life. Sessions are all about safety too and one of the main principles is spotting and communicating and one of the main guidelines of the practice is "If is feels good, it is good". Try something unique and inspire eachother!

Standing Acro - Saturday, 18th August

Standing acrobatics and like L basing Acroyoga with all the same fun with that extra buzz. In this workshop we'll build you for success and explore funky entrances and exits into two high, as well as a two high train and transitions to high bird! Our workshop has something for experienced practitioners and requires you to know front bird. This one is for people with a good fitness level who fancy boosting their confidence and leave feeling energised for the rest of the day. Come with compadres or solo.


thai massage green man 2018

 Partner Yoga & Massage to live music - Sunday, 19th August

Have you explored the beautiful hypnotic flow of partner yoga and thai massage to live music? Kat Drake joins us to sing as we connect to the breath, tune into the warmth and movement of partner yoga and let out the tension from camping all weekend. Give your body what you need and nourish your heart and soul with this blend of partner yoga and thai massage. You'll give and receive massage and leave floating on a cloud. With Cat of Nine Lives Yoga.


Live, love and light up your soul



 cat Duval nine lives yoga   About Cat Duval...


Cat is the Founder of Nine Lives Yoga and Senior Yoga Teacher Trainer with the Yoga Alliance. Cat pioneered the now international Nine Lives Yoga Rave and has taught Acroyoga and partner yoga all over the UK, Europe and Scandinavia working with communities, couples families and progressive companies interested in integrating wellbeing into their deep fabric of functioning. She brings 16 years experience and a fascination with the capacity for collaborative practices to transform our lives, develop a shared sense of belonging and heal the isolation and separation epidemic that is becoming too common in the western world.

She is also a qualified NLP Coach, Mindfulness practitioner, Thai Yoga Massage therapist, Acroyoga, Partner and Community Yoga, Family and Kids Yoga teacher.

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