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Festival Nº6

Nine Lives Yoga @ Wellbeing Festival Nº6

A music, arts and culture festival, in the magical coastal of Portmeirion, Wales.

6th-9th September 2018


on Thursday, 6th September

We are deeply honored to have been invited to do the opening ceremony. Join us in uniting together to ground, centre and set our intentions for the weekend. Human mandalas create group yoga flows in sacred geometric shapes bringing depth to our unified movement, and fun to our flow. We bring the flower of life alive, connect with the group, see and be seen. This one is a lovely fun ceremony for all the family.

Yoga Rave Humandala


on Friday, 7th September

Handstand Mastery

Have fun overcoming those fear blocks and stepping into your true potential with the support of your friends. Learn to spot a handstand to train with at home, bunny hop your hips to the sky and train techniques that will get you feeling safe to bail in the middle of the room and rock your handstands anywhere, even at the bus stop!

Rachel Hoop



Acroyoga Workshops are progressive, fun and reflect each aspect of Acroyoga practice. Acroyoga combines partner yoga and acrobatics with a sense of humour and playful spirit. Come play with Nine Lives Yoga and our fantastic flyers. Come with friends or alone and make new friends – these sessions will be full of laughter so expect lots of games, technical breakdown so you can learn Acroyoga flows from beginners to intermediate.                                    

Live, love and light up your soul



on Sunday, 9th September

Yoga Party

Set intentions with a glitter ceremony, connect in social yoga flows to music and cut loose into a dance party with vital danza inspiration before we move into massage and meditation. This will take you on a journey from bliss to bouncing and back again with kick-ass tunes from Bowie to Candi Station fun for all the family. Let your inhibitions transform into laughter, and melt away with the breath together as you stretch and flex your bodies, whatever your fitness level.




Join us down by the Estuary for a peaceful start to your day. Each morning we will be running a different advanced Vinyasa Flow Class brought to you by Nine Lives Yoga. We advise you to book your place in advance. For all classes we will provide you with a yoga mat, any relevant equipment and some water, so all you need is yourself in comfortable clothing and sports shoes. 


Cat Duval is an experienced teacher, a dedicated yogi and acroyogi and founder of Nine Lives Yoga. Move your body awake with a fun and fluid flow using the breath to open and lengthen your muscles, relieve that camp-bed tension and prepare you for a day of dancing. This vinyasa class takes inspiration from Rocket Yoga and Prana Vinyasa to create a fluid but still challenging sequence that brings you to balance to float your way through the day with a smile on your face.


Effie Love teaches with heart and humour and leads you on a dynamic flow that is sure to break a sweat and detox last night’s party vibe into today and create a newly invigorated you. Renew your energy and flow in dynamic style with this intermediate flow. The class is designed to stretch out your back and shoulders so you can move, prance and dance your way through the day.


Amrita’s name literally means nectar of life – her blissful tone and absolute levitating awareness is tantamount to enlightenment. Jivamukti is a style of vinyasa flow yoga that flows from awesome yoga activism to deep-rooted yogic philosophy, from ancient mantras to a modern funky playlist to generate some heat in your practice and some Prana in your belly.


 Grab your early - tickets sell out


And come for the rest of the event too - it's running all weekend with yoga, music, arts, experiences and all good things
Join us and celebrate life...