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Wilderness Festival 2018

We are returning to Wilderness for a forth year running!

Thursday, 2nd August until Sunday, 5th August 

Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire


This year we are hosting all these amazing events - lucky us - luck you!

Nine Lives Yoga Rave - Thursday 2nd, 8.30-10.30pm - The Yoga Sphere, The Sanctuary

Headstand Mastery - Friday 3rd, 3.15-16.30pm - The Solar Sphere, The Sanctuary

AcroFit - Saturday 4th, 3.15-16.30pm - The Solar Sphere, The Sanctuary

Group Acroformations Workshop -Sunday 5th, 2-3.15pm  - The Solar Sphere, The Sanctuary



wilderness festival 2018 


Nine Lives Yoga’s Yoga Rave is coming back to Wilderness

on Thursday 2nd August 2018

Celebrate life, breath and connection - as well as some serious bass.

Nine Lives Yoga Rave is where music and yoga unite.  Yoga lovers experience the rhythm of the bass, and bass lovers experience the rhythm of the breath.  Sound healing frequencies clear our auric field energetically while a human mandala yoga practice of 100 yogi's all moving and flowing together in concentric circles creates a totally unique event of epic proportions.  Shamanic music melds with tech house and funky bootlegs to make you want to wiggle that ass!  And when the dancing is over we flow into partner yoga and a deep meditation to close. 

Yoga Rave wilderness 2018

This one is a life changer folks, don't miss it.  

For last years pics check out our Flickr album 

The yoga flow is designed to be suitable for all levels, and incorporates social yoga group flows, into dynamic hatha and vinyasa flow styles, and builds up into a vital danza dance party with festival vibes, performers and lots of UV and LED so get your glows on!    

Our Yoga Ambassadors of Light welcome you and Cat Duval, founder of the Nine Lives Tribe, leads the flow. 

Live, love and light up your soul





on Friday 3rd August 2018

Master your ultimate headstand. We can build up your confidence, and free your mind with the calm power that comes from sitting in headstand for 5 mins a day. The benefits of inversions range from youthful skin, to stress relief and more energy and zest for life. It also helps build confidence and fearlessness in life! What have you got to lose.

Headstand wilderness festival 2018

Come and share the love of headstands with Cat Duval of Nine Lives Yoga.



AcroFit with Nine Lives Yoga

on Saturday 4th August 2018


Combining calisthenics, partner pull ups, core conditioning and partner training to support one another with hilarious yet challenging core work, collaborative group fitness, strength games and exercises!

Great fun for those who like getting the blood pumping, working together and meeting new people!


acrofit wilderness 2018  acrofit wilderness 2018

Come alone or with a partner yoga want to work with. No experience necessary.
Think fun, fit and friendly with Cat Duval of Nine Lives Yoga.



Group Formations Workshop with Nine Lives Yoga

on Sunday 5th August 2018

Creating group formations with three or more people this acroyoga workshop will focus on working together to make the impossible possible and build amazing large group poses together from trios to double figures!  Suitable for all shapes and sizes as long as you have some body awareness – bring friends!

group formations wilderness festival 2018

Join Nine Lives Yoga for this super massive fun workshop – with plenty of fab photo opportunities! – though the joy is to be found in the collaboration and freedom in supporting one another to become more amazing together than we could be on our own.