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Acroyoga Spins Workshop: learn to spin! 

Acroyoga Spins Workshop

Time to get spinning! Come and get stuck into barrel rolls, if you have this nailed then add pops!  We break down this classic spin into parts so by the end of the session you will be able to spin each other around in flying break-dancing style! If you are practiced at flying smaller flyers but not same size, or have flown it and not based it yet - this is your chance to complete the picture and learn the multi-skills to mix it up like a boss!
Check out the examples here:
Expect fun acroyoga games, acrobatic drills to kick your practice to the next level - transitions and spins are where acro really starts flying! So come on your own or with a partner...and let's break it down to get you rocking this classic acro spin.
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