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British Yoga Festival

British Yoga Festival

In August I got a message on my page inviting me to do a workshop at a new festival by Yoga Magazine - the British Yoga Festival.  So we got talking, and now this has developed into a series of really exciting events.  

Nine Lives Yoga will be running a Yoga Rave at the festival, a community yoga performance called Expressions of Connection and a partner yoga playshop focussing on revealing your inner strength of spirit and open self entitled Supercharge Your Awesomeness.  There will also be a Guinness book of records attempt. 


Yoga Rave 

Workshop Room 2, 5.30-7.00pm Friday 5th December 2014

Nine Lives Yoga presents Yoga Rave, a conscious raving experience exploring natural ways to reach higher states of consciousness through combining the worlds of dance music and yoga together to tap into our higher states of being.  We flow through a vinyasa sequence together using the power of the breath and building the music behind the practice until we let you lose to let go on the dancefloor, and closing with savasana and meditation. Music will flow from psychedelic ambient sounds to dance music layering a soundscape for you to experience and create a new dimension of yoga practice.

Grab your tickets now - this will sell out.

More about the Nine Lives Yoga Rave info on the British Yoga Festival website


Guinness Book of Records!

Main Stage 2.00-2.30pm Saturday 6th December 2014

There will be a Guinness Book of Records attempt.  The Yoga Magazine are hoping to get 2,000 yogi's there at the festival and will go for attempting to host the biggest free indoor yoga session in history!  The British Yoga Festival and Yoga Magazine are using social media to raise the profile of the event to target yoga magazine readers who have not yet tried yoga as well as yoga lovers and teachers to attract a crowd that “cover the entire indoor field and corridors” at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London.  So the the first ever British Yoga Festival and come and bring your friends and become a record breaker in the Guinness Book of Records!  



Expressions of Connection 

Main Stage 3.30-4.00pm Saturday 6th December 2014

A jam style performance from members of the Acroyoga and Partner yoga community of Brighton and London coming together to celebrate our love of these practices and what they give to us as a community.  

This performance represents the collective connection we can cultivate when we step towards eachother as our true selves, offer support to eachother and be responsive in the moment.   

This performance will be supported by composer and multi-instrumentalist Jon Whitten playing Yang Chin and internationally renowned Anne Malone playing the Hang in response to the performers movement live on stage.

“Anne is an extraordinary sound explorer and healer. Her musical journeys on the Hang are incredible soundscapes for the yoga of life” - Shiva Rea
“Ann’s hang playing seems to come from another, more beautiful universe and beckons us to ‘come along, come along’” Jai Uttal

Yoga is a wonderful tool that not only connects us but bonds us together, helping us celebrate our strengths and support our weaknesses. This is a coming together of elements to form one whole larger than the sum of the parts with contributions from some of our wonderful community of yogi's and acroyogi's.


Supercharge Your Awesomeness: Partner Yoga Playshop

Workshop Room 12.30-2pm Sunday 7th December 2014

Dreams, goals and aspirations are all made possible when we let ourselves be seen.  This workshop includes partner yoga and acroyoga elements.  As we play to our strengths and support our differences we can all unlock the unimaginable power of collective consciousness.  Partner yoga and humandala yoga allow us to play and explore the language of the body through assisted stretches, counterbalances and group formations that add another dimension to yoga practice.  Acroyoga can be acrobatic as well as therapeutic but also deeply therapeutic and can release deeply held tension Suitable for all ages and abilities.

This workshop will include positive visualisation meditation, Unity Partner Yoga and Acroyoga elements and will be supported by transformational healer, Acroyoga teacher and friend Chetana Thornton.  

Places are limited. Please book via the British Yoga Festival website page below.

Sunday's Workshop - building on the theme of showing yourself:


Getting Involved

To bring friends along - there is currently a competition on until Friday offering free tickets - if you vote, please vote for my workshop on Sunday ;)

Contact Cat directly with any questions about the event via the Nine Lives Yoga facebook page - click the link in the footer below ;)