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Cally Festival Flash Mob

On Sunday 8th September Nine Lives Yoga was on a stealth mission to flash mob the Cally Festival, where around 4-8,000 people come to enjoy the music, stalls and activities all day long. We arrived on site and began to recruit unsuspecting yogi’s and festival goers to join us in giving them something they would not forget in a hurry. It was a top secret mission, only the organisers knew what was in store. We recruited people to join us, and secretly practiced the sequence to a dedicated team of yogi’s in the park jut behind the main stage area. Little did Caledonian Road know what was to come. And even in the rain – our sprits remained high.

Then just as the biggest act came off the main stage Nine Lives Yoga took it over, they shoved a mic in my hand and we were off – and we flash mobbed the festival and all the unsuspecting punters. They loved it and even joined in the routine as the flash mob crew busted out our catsuits in the street.

It was such a fun day. So we decided to make a little film about it

And now we have something even bigger planned for the next one…keep your eyes peeled for updates...