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Mind Body Spirit Festival - silent disco, partner yoga and humandala fun for all the family

Last weekend we were lucky enough to hold a space at the Mind Body Spirit Festival at London Olympia where we held daily Silent Disco Yoga Raves, Acro Yoga Jams, Humandala and Partner Yoga Sessions and Meditation. We also hosted a Partner Yoga / Humandala Workshop in the Wellbeing Area on Monday.

We kicked off each day with an Acro Yoga Jam which included Flying Therapeutics as well as Acrobatics. Children and adults alike enjoyed being upside down and learning the grounding skill of basing as well as taking on the important role of spotting as we experimented with new poses and flows. From here we transitioned into Partner Yoga incorporating some aspects of Humandala Yoga to create interesting shapes with our bodies whilst supporting each other to breathe and stretch in a group. 

Then it was time to party. DJ Ranjit Baby energised the crowds with upbeat tunes pumping through our headphones for the Silent Disco Yoga Rave. It was great to see more and more people coming to join in, kicking off their shoes and painting each other's faces with bright UV colours. We danced to warm up before coming into a circle to start our Hatha and Vinyasa Flow. There was lots of laughter as the yoga turned into dancing and everyone let go into ecstatic dance. We felt a real positive energy drawing in people who had stopped to watch - they began grabbing headphones and joining in too which was wonderful. After dancing it out,  DJ Ranjit played us some more calming tunes and once again we came together to begin our warm down and group meditation. Complete strangers became friends supporting each other, meditating back to back as the session came to a close. We were blown away by the positive response, with many people saying that they felt really happy, connected and energised by the end. 

On Monday afternoon we held a Partner Yoga Workshop in the Wellbeing Area. People of all body types and abilities joined in. We broke the ice with a game -  choosing a pose and saying our name and then joining the poses together. There was plenty of laughter as we tried to remember each person's name and pose! As we paired up for Partner Stretches it was good to see people who had not met before happily interacting and communicating to make sure they were comfortable and enjoying the poses. At the end of the session we listened to each other's experiences of realising our bodies' capabilities through working with a partner - feeling supported whilst relaxing into a deeper stretch.

The overall response we got from everyone we met at Mind Body Spirit was really fantastic. It was great to see all sorts of people with different strengths, capabilities and levels of experience getting involved. We had whole families joining in the rave, twins learning how to base and fly and friends experimenting with Partner Yoga. The space we had was excellent for people to come and relax on our comfy cushions, listen to some tunes, do some yoga or have a dance. We look forward to doing more events like this both in London and Brighton and elsewhere.

Huge thanks to Mel and all the organisers of the event. It was a great success and it was a joy to be part of it!  Looking forward to next year already. Watch out for more silent disco yoga raves in future...and if you want to book us then give us a call!

Yoga Rave Silent Disco Face        Silent Disco Yoga Rave Group shot