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Meditation Amrita and Cat

How Does Yoga Reduce Stress

All of us feel the effects of stress from time to time and, whether we think we’ve got a handle on it or not, our bodies are doing their own stress management behind the scenes. Guest blogger Alex Murray of The KLink writes about how stress can be reduced with yoga practice and what we mean by the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system responses. 

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Mindfulness Works

Finding Calm and Stability with Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a simple, practical skill which helps us with stress reduction, anxiety and low mood, and can help our relationships with ourselves and with others, even in the middle of a full, busy life.

Mindfulness Meditation also lowers blood pressure , helps with insomnia , and can help you to learn to cope with any long term health problem.

This article has useful links to research, downloads, and other sources to help deepen understanding and practice. 

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Nine Lives Yoga Membership Plan


       Launched on 1st May 2016

Our new membership plan gives you open access to yoga classes each week, deals on workshops, retreats and events at the same time as widening the scope of your practice from dynamic hatha, to vinyasa flow, Acroyoga, SUP Yoga and Yoga running club and plenty more. As a member you will get exclusive access to discounts and opportunities to have a say on day trips and yoga experiences this coming year. Join the tribe, commit to your practice, and take yoga to a deeper level in your life.

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Yoga for Homeless Young People Twisted Lunge

Jenny aka Web Tech Wonderwoman tells her story   

        Posted on 15th Mar 2016 

I've been doing weekly one to one yoga sessions with Cat for just under a year. I wanted to start looking after my health better (I've made a lot of changes including quitting smoking and alcohol) but as a fat person, it's a challenge to find someone who is going to help me improve my health without putting any focus on changing my body shape or size. I like Cat's inclusive stance - although at the time she wasn't explicitly stating that she supports Health at Every Size, we've since had conversations about it and she is very on point with the movement.

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Yoga for Homeless Young People Twisted Lunge

Yoga for Homeless Young People Now Considered essential for by The Clocktower Sanctuary  

        Posted on 22nd Feb 2016 

After the success of the first 6 week course last year, and the popularity among the young people in Jan 2016 - The Clocktower Sanctuary have decided it needs to become an integral part of the weekly programme offered by the centre.  So now we offer yoga there each week, every Tuesday from 3-4pm - free of charge to anyone aged between 16-25 years experiencing homelessness or in insecure housing.

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Emotional Interconnectedness

Contribute to Research on Emotional Interactions & Social Connectedness 

        Posted on 2nd Feb 2016 

University of Sussex are currently recruiting a range of participants for a study on mindfulness, emotional interactions and social connectedness. Read on for more info of how to be part of it.

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Brighton Yoga Festival donate to Yoga for Homeless Young People

Yoga with Homeless Young People first day

The long awaited day was today. Starting to run a yoga course working with homeless young people in Brighton, bringing yoga into their drop in centre the Clocktower Sanctuary.

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Brighton Yoga Festival donate to Yoga for Homeless Young People

Brighton Yoga Festival donate to Yoga for Homeless Young People

Brighton youth homeless charity The Clock Tower Sanctuary, were today presented with a £400 cheque by Cat Duval of Nine Lives Yoga from the Brighton Yoga Festival.

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Almost impossible to give food to the homeless in London

Almost Impossible to Give Food Away to Homeless People in London

I want to share an experience I had last week when a friend and I tried to give out food to the homeless in London.

After a fantastic Mind Body Spirit Festival with amazing energy, and wonderful, kind and good spirited management team we were very impressed. And then something happened...

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Nine Lives Yoga Rave Face

Mind Body Spirit Festival - hilarious, joyful and intense!

Last weekend we were lucky enough to have a space at the Mind Body Spirit Festival at London Olympia, where we held daily Silent Disco Yoga Raves, Acro Yoga Jams, Humandala and Partner Yoga Sessions and Meditation. We also hosted a wonderful Partner Yoga / Humandala Workshop in the Wellbeing Area...

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Nine Lives Yoga Rave 25th April

Yoga For Homeless Young People 

After a well received trial class on 29th April, Nine Lives Yoga & The Clocktower Sanctuary would like to roll out regular classes to homeless young people around Brighton. We're now looking for funding as well as donations of yoga gear - clothes and mats. 

Donate to our crowdfunding project here: http://www.gofundme.com/yogaforhomelessyps

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Bluebells Into the Wild

Beauty and Nature at Into the Wild

We shared some gorgeous partner yoga playfulness and counterbalances and shared old pagan ceremony of letting go and allowing the darkness within us and giving blessing to the light - with equal measure. We explored the forests and sat among the bluebells.  It was utterly soul quenching.

The Real Benefits of Partner Yoga - Positive Impacts and Healing Qualities

Compared to 30 years ago, most of us have heard of or experienced Yoga to some degree, whether simply through word of mouth, or by attending any one of the growing number of Yoga classes and activities that are now available. We all know that Yoga is good for us, but often the real benefits are not fully understood, and can often be much further reaching that we previously might have thought; this can be especially true when practicing partner Yoga…
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Real Blokes on Yoga

Real Blokes on Yoga - Darren C

Darren started yoga with bFit and came to Cat's class and decided to step up his practice when he wanted to get good at this thing they call yoga, he wanted to learn and get results, this is what he has to say...

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British Yoga Festival

Yoga Rave - where music and yoga unite

Yoga Rave is a phenomenon set to take off providing yoga lovers and ravers the chance to enjoy a conscious clubbing experience and reach a blissed out state naturally. Yoga Rave combines these worlds to create an unforgettable experience...

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Cally Festival Flash Mob

On Sunday 8th September Nine Lives yoga was on a stealth mission to flash mob the Cally Festival, where around 4-8,000 people come to enjoy the music, stalls and activities all day long.
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