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Yoga Rave with Green Soup events.

 Yoga Rave yogi's demo camel poseLast weekend Nine Lives Yoga was invited to bring our Yoga Rave to London at the London Dance Academy with events company Green Soup.  I was really excited because it is exactly what we’ve been doing with yoga parties and flash mobs but with fancy dress and a tidy package!  Plus it will rekindle my love of raving, which has been lying dormant.  The events was to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Research, and was hosted at the studio I teach at on Sunday mornings, London Dance Academy.  The event ran at night, and started from 7pm. 

I was a bit nervous but once me and Jesse Tiffin, my partner in yogi crime for the night, had donned our catsuits, sweatbands and visors and plastered on enough glitter and glowing makeup to light up a small village, we were ready for London town. New events company Green Soup had done a stirling job decking out the venue with black lights, decks and sound system and we arrived to a sea of people finger-painting eachother with UV paint and strapping glow sticks to various parts of their body.

The crowd were all decked out in their own UV splendour to throw some yogarave shapes on the D floor! ;) The neon vibe was buzzing as people prepared to get their Yogi-Bez on! Fluro legs, boob tubes, painted arms, chests and faces set the room aglow with Yoga Rave LOVE.

The lights were dimmed and the black light popped out bright pinks, oranges and greens into the limelight.  The energy in the room was glowing as much as the fluro, and the atmosphere felt electric.  The night kicked off with a guided meditation to open the energy inside from the feet all the way through the spine to the crown and out into the universe.  As the music thumped and pumped, the room moved in sequence with the breath to the beat and worked up a sweat in no time!   Events organiser, Harri Elizabeth, was luminescent in the crowd and flowing in her boob tube and stylee leggings, and following my yoga flow demonstrations with fluidity and finesse.

Yoga Rave warrior pose

The DJ selected a skilful mix of chilled out yoga tunes like Bahramji & Mashti’s Being with You, and stepped it up to Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur’s classic, Garden, and brought it back down to finished Savasana with ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ by Johnny Nash to leave people with a smile on their face.

The yoga style drew on a passion for acroyoga and experience teaching partner yoga, vinyasa flow and hatha styles as well as positive visualisation meditations to tie up both ends of the session as well as of course, dance music.  The Yoga Rave started with a dynamic vinyasa flow to generate heat, detox the body, flow with the breath doing repetitive movements so people could zone into it.  Once the heat was up, we started incorporating rave style moves into the flow and laughter started rippling around the room.  Now it felt like we were really raving, but with a fresh twist of pure vedic light source to boost our energy, instead of a heavy boozy woozy clumsiness that can spill smelly beer down your best dayglow leggings at normal raves.  

This was clean raving - where prana fuelled us all.  This is my kind of rave. 

The Yoga Rave flow incorporated warrior and trikonasana variations with repetitive arm movements and down dog variations that opened and stretched from head to foot, concentrating on the hips, shoulders, cheast and heart openning. 

Yoga Rave reclining swanThe second section moved into Unity Partner Yoga flows getting everyone playing, connected, laughing, wooping and grinning ear to ear and then slowly winding down to the ground, lying on one another in humandala style yoga in poses such as ‘reclining swan’ and the guided meditation brought it back to the reason we were all there, to support victims of cancer, and we all did a meditation on universal love and healing for those who had inspired people to support the event, for eachother, and for everyone in London.

 I will most certainly be doing more yoga raves! So if it’s something you like the sound of, get in touch. It was the coolest most invigoratingly awesome yoga event we’ve done yet, and we’ve done some pretty cool events so far. 

 Nine Lives are already plotting to bring the yoga rave to festivals and bring it to Brighton. The next one will be coming in May.  Watch this space.