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Nordic AcroYoga Gathering Mundekulla Eco-Retreat 26-29th June 2015


Dive into the beautiful Swedish wilderness and explore the effervescent world that is AcroYoga.

I am honoured to be teaching at AcroBhakti's AcroYoga festival this year held at Mundekulla, an eco-retreat centre situated in the southeastern forests of Sweden. It is a place of stillness and creativity welcoming the AcroYoga community into its depths so that we may meet and play and revive ourselves.

I shall be teaching partner and community yoga and acro-partner yoga too-check out my Biog for the festival.

Let us explore, play and connect!

                                                                                    human kaleidoscope                                      

Partnering up with Acroyoga Teacher Gregory McCabewe shall be holding a workshop called Pass the Flyer AcroYoga FUNdementals, and with Caroline of Lalmahue Yoga in Sweden we host a partner yoga playshop called human Kaleidoscopes.  

Using joyful play through human-mandala formations (humandalas!) and human kaleidoscopes, we shall be explore sacred geometry and creative play in making shapes with people! We will dive into the nourishment and the freedom of movement you can find through the practice of partner yoga using each others weight to find a deeper release. 

Over the four days there will be workshops for all levels so if you have never explored AcroYoga but feel a pull towards it this gathering would be a beautiful place to start. Or if you have a lot of experience with AcroYoga then it would be a wonderful way for you to meet members of the AcroYoga community and expand on your journey with it thus far. 


You can find tickets and all the info you need here.

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Cat Duval

Cat integrates her training as an NLP Practitioner, Sun Moon Acro-Partner Yoga and Unity Partner Yoga, Hatha and Vinyasa Flow and Creative Visualisation techniques into her teaching. Her nature brings a playful warm tone and dynamic energy to the sessions which encourage you let go inhibitions and wear a smile as you learn mind-body tools that reduce stress and lay a foundation of mindful thinking and improved wellbeing. Sessions are designed to facilitate mindfulness, body-awareness, collaboration and trust as well as authentic compassionate communication skills. Her vision is to empower people to reveal the best of themselves in this world, feel confident in their skin and share joy in creating successful and empowered lives.