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The NLP Yoga workshop

NLP Yoga Mindfulness Summit

Using the power of NLP to manifest connection with students and empower us in our lives.

Only 12 spaces available - book your place here

Yoga and NLP both offer tools to help us be confident and open in the world, the tools are very different but the core drive is the same. They share fundamental principles of compassion, collaboration and living a life that is congruent with our inner truth. Yoga is about letting go of blockages within ourselves to promote happiness and wellbeing through unity and wholeness. NLP is about releasing the blocks that hold us back in our behaviour patterns and language to help us realise our aspirations and break negative feedback loops of behaviour. This workshop is for yoga teachers, bodyworkers and anyone who is interested in using the power of NLP to enhance their awareness.

About Balance Studio, above V-Bites Cafe, 14 East Street Brighton, BN1 1HP

2-5pm Sunday 24th May 2015

Limited Numbers up to 12 people only

Cat integrates her training as an NLP Practitioner, Sun Moon Acro-Partner Yoga and Unity Partner Yoga, Hatha and Vinyasa Flow and Creative Visualisation techniques into her teaching. Her nature brings a playful warm tone and dynamic energy to the sessions which encourage you let go inhibitions and wear a smile as you learn mind-body tools that reduce stress and lay a foundation of mindful thinking and improved wellbeing. Sessions are designed to facilitate mindfulness, body-awareness, collaboration and trust as well as authentic compassionate communication skills. Her vision is to empower people to reveal the best of them selves in this world, feel confident in their skin and share joy in creating successful and empowered lives.

Only 12 spaces available - book your place here