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Opportunity to contribute to research on Emotional Interactions and Social Connectedness

Emotional Interconnectedness

University of Sussex are currently recruiting a range of participants for a study on mindfulness, emotional interactions and social connectedness. 

A research team at the School of Psychology at the University of Sussex, headed by Dr Adhip Rawal, and including psychology undergraduate, Felicity Le Prevost, is currently recruiting participants for a study on emotional interactions. Your participation could make a huge contribution to science, helping people from all walks of life connect better with one another. This is especially crucial at times of growing social unrest and distrust. Furthering our understanding in a scientific context could also promote and increase accessibility to the endless benefits of yoga and mindfulness for everyone.

 The purpose of this research is to understand how people communicate emotions with each other and what influence emotional interactions have on our feelings and thinking. Emotional processing and interactions are thought to be vital in determining whether individuals socially connect with one another. This is very relevant when applied to a yogic or any social context – between children, young people, or adults. Sharing emotional experiences with people is an important part of our lives. Sometimes we feel good about sharing and other times we are more hesitant. In this study we want to understand more about the disclosure of emotions. If you decide to take part, we would like you to complete:

  • A series of short and simple questionnaires online prior to attending an experiment appointment on campus at University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton.
  • An interaction task with another participant where you share an emotional event
  • A final set of questionnaire measures on paper.

It will take approximately 45-50 minutes altogether. Without revealing all, if you’d like to be part of a novel piece of research, which could help change the way we connect with others in our social world (and on the yoga mat!) please contact Felicity Le Prevost at fal20@sussex.ac.uk for further information.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest!

Felicity has been practicing yoga with Cat for the last 2 years twice a week and is studying a BSc in Psychology at the University of Sussex.