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My Story - Jenny Wonderwoman

Jenny Webtech Wonderwoman


Self Employed Web and Tech Specialist

owner of Webtech Wonderwoman and creator of tech systems for businesses that have a creative or wellbeing twist.

What was your motivation for working with Cat? 

I wanted to work with Cat because of her commitment to body positivity. I'm fat. I have a large body. I'm not ashamed of myself, but I am very aware that we live in a fat phobic society, that rewards us for trying to make our bodies smaller.
I know that making your body smaller has little to do with improving your health. I wanted to start looking after my health better (I've made a lot of changes including quitting smoking and alcohol) but as a fat person, it's a challenge to find someone who is going to help me improve my health without putting any focus on changing my body shape or size.

I like Cat's inclusive stance - although at the time she wasn't explicitly stating that she supports Health at Every Size, we've since had conversations about it and she is very on point with the movement.

What was your programme together? 

I've been doing weekly one to one yoga sessions with Cat for just under a year.

What really inspired you about working together?

Cat is VERY holistic. She takes the time to listen to me as a client, to what's going on in my life, and she makes recommendations based on that. She's a veritable library of yoga too - you bring her the problem, she's got a practise for it.

Can you explain some of the main benefits you have experienced? 

All of the above and I'm more aware of my shoulders. Mainly that the top of them really shouldn't be close to my ear lobes!

Can you talk a bit about your experience together and how you feel you have grown in your


I'm certainly more in touch with myself. I'm saying no to things I don't want and allowing room for things I do want in my life. I feel I'm being more true to the "real me" than i have for a long time. You see, we all get caught up in "real life". Face it, there are bills to pay and family to care for and work to be done and homes to be cleaned and so on and so on. That won't every go away. But you don't have to go through life on autopilot. Yoga helped me to take a brief step back from all of that, so that I can step back into my real life and realign myself with feeling contented, while still making sure I fulfil all my obligations (sadly, I can't just skip off into the sunset, but if there's a yoga class that would let me do that, sign me up!)

Has your life evolved in any ways that you would attribute to your yoga/ acroyoga/ Thai massage practice?

Yes, pretty much as above - more in touch with myself and what I want.

Can you tell your story about what you have experienced through working with Cat, how it has benefited your practice, and if there have been any wider impacts on your life.  

I've felt my life open up. I've found more acceptance of myself and become more aware of my body in general. As a fat person, I've done a lot of horrid things to my body over the years to try and make it smaller. Through yoga, I have cultivated a better awareness of my physical body, so in turn this leads to me taking care of it in the ways that truly matter - eating better food, exercising more, and managing my stress levels.

I've also found that my body is a lot stronger and more flexible that I gave it credit for - I think as a fat person I held an unconscious belief that I couldn't do some of the poses as I'm too big. Cat showed me that was all in my head - I'm doing poses I didn't think would be possible for me until years from now.

Are there any areas that would benefit you to work on more, or practices you would like to develop in future sessions together?

I've actually found that if I meditate for 10-20 mins before doing yoga, my body naturally starts to make yoga moves. it's odd! And very welcome. I'd like to explore that more together when I return.

What have you been working on, and what has really stood out for you that has helped you grow?

I think the last point above is really worth emphasising. Fat people are not supposed to be able to pull serious yoga moves. Cat has shown me this is pure rubbish and that your body is not a barrier to doing yoga. How could it be? Yoga is something for EVERY body - fat, thin, tall, short, young, old - all bodies in all states can enjoy yoga.