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Acroyoga Airport - Spread your wings and Fly

1-4pm Sunday 28th January 2017

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Acroyoga and partner yoga embody the principles of a loving community in practice. Acroyoga combines dynamic partner acrobatics with yoga and the sacred healing art of Thai massage with community spirit and technical skill. So let us celebrate eachother and build trust together to explore flipping your world upside down and play like acro monkeys. Use your strength to lift others. United we fly. www.ninelivesyoga.co.uk
Your Teacher
Cat Duval, Acroyoga teacher with Acroyoga International and founder of Nine Lives Yoga, inspires clients to live life passionately, playfully and fearlessly with an open heart, a free mind and a strong, flexible and capable body. Cat's style combines traditional yoga with Acroyoga and partner yoga games, flows and inversions that inspires an attitude to life that chooses freedom over fear in every moment.
“With Acroyoga we learn more about eachother in an hour of practice than a year of conversation. Trust is bond and laughter is medicine. The fun is in making the impossible possible. United we fly"
£25 per lone ranger.
Or £40 for a base and flyer pair together.


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1st Floor,  Clair House, 3-5 Clair Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 3DP