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About Nine Lives Yoga

Nine Lives Yoga is all about living every breath with presence and playfulness.  Experience how yoga can inspire you to live life passionately, playfully and fearlessly with an open heart, a free mind and a strong, flexi and capable body.  The only one who has the power to give you that permission is you.  Come with us and enjoy our menu of packages from workshops to playswaps, Yoga Raves, flash mobs, birthday and hen parties, bespoke team building events, courses and classes. Live every breath with Nine Lives Yoga

No matter where you start, regular yoga will help you progress your practice and your mindset.  There is no denying yoga's potential to transform, you body, your mind and your sense of wholeness.  If you don't believe it, come and try it for yourself and tell me what you think in 6 months time. I guarantee something will shift inside you that you did not anticipate, for the better ;)

Nine Lives Yoga brings inspiration from the joyful connection of Acroyoga and Unity Partner Yoga with its deep sense of community at its core. Hatha yoga’s diverse poses (there’s in excess of 1000), the fluidity of vinyasa flow and the power of positive visualisation techniques and the transformative capacity of NLP to help us achieve what we want in our lives. Each yoga session is individually tailored to the bodies of the people there, so you can feel comfortable whatever your experience.

Partner yoga can be a great way of exploring yoga practice, as a newby and as an experienced practioner as you are playing together and building a network of group and partner poses together, a great way to explore your body and mind. It’s fun, collaborative, supportive and a relaxed way to see real changes in your body fast. The support that’s given and received between students in a partner yoga class is a rewarding way to explore your boundaries in an open minded and light-hearted setting. Using the weight of another person can help to expand your stretch, while using their stability, or offering yours, can create balance in poses you cannot yet master alone.

Whatever your motive for practicing yoga, to be more flexible, stronger, calmer, leaner, happier in yourself - Nine Lives Yoga has something to offer you. Accepting yourself and where you are now is key to feeling the full benefits of yoga. It really is a myth that yoga is just for the bendy - it is for everybody, with every body type. Yoga has huge capacity to rehabilitate and there are countless examples of people having recovered from injury, improved their confidence, and grown to feel more youthful and happier in their skin through yoga.

We are always working on new collaborations, workshop ideas and group experiences that will be deeply rejuvenating, nourishing as well as playful and fun. So if you have an idea and you want to make it happen, Cat would be happy to chat to you and try ot make it possible.


BBC Radio Sussex

Check out this interview on BBC Radio Sussex on New Year's Eve! 20 mins from the end Allison Ferms interviews me about ‪‎Yoga Rave‬ on 7th Feb 2015 on live radio 


Viva Brighton

Yoga Rave: http://www.vivabrighton.com/jan2015/10-11.pdf

and http://www.vivabrighton.com/jan2015/78-79.pdf

Morning Gloryville Brighton - Nine Lives Yoga organise the yoga workshops involving teachers from our wonderful thriving community. See page 95.





If you want to try it out then come to one of the regular classes.  Or if you like the personal recommendations on the website then book in for a 121 session and treat yourself.  Open to bookings for parties or workshops for groups. Read Cat Duval’s bio here.

No partner needed! Just you, and a smile.

Nine Lives Yoga. live every breath…